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Arman Samimi Played for ALBION SC from 11 to 18 years old!

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“I joined ALBION SC when I was 11 years old. Right away I felt as though the coaches really care and prioritized my development, and this allowed me to push myself to improve every day. Every coach I was able to work with influenced me not only as a player, but as a person as well.
I have nothing but exceptional memories during my time at ALBION, and I know I can always count on the support of everyone at the club throughout my career. I feel very fortunate to have the career I had at ALBION, and I look forward to representing this club at the highest level.” – Arman Samimi


Garrett Franklin has been Involved with ALBION SC for 11 years!

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“”ALBION SC shaped my life for the last 11 years and I couldn’t be more thankful. From my very first session, I knew that the team, coach, and club would be the perfect fit. I am truly thankful for everything that Noah and ALBION have done to shape me as a player, person, and now as a coach within the club. I have the opportunity now as a coach at ALBION San Diego to guide players through the amazing journey that I myself experienced.” – Garrett Franklin


Naomi Ellis Played for ALBION SC from 11 to 18 years old!

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“I played at ALBION SC from the time that I was 11 until my final year of high school. Throughout my years, I feel as though I have grown as both a player and a person. ALBION allowed me to meet so many wonderful friends that were apart of my life on and off the field, and the competitive atmosphere and coaching I received undoubtedly helped get me to be the player I am today. I am now heading into my first year of playing soccer at Point Loma Nazarene University.” – Naomi Ellis


Jeryn Young Played for ALBION SC from 6 to 18 years old!

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“ALBION SC has been a very big part of my life, I have played for ALBION since I was about 6 or 7 and I’m 18 now so I’ve been playing with them for about 11-12 years! They have taught me how to persevere in the toughest times and they helped me understand how to create bonds and work with a team. I also made some of the best and strongest friendships that I’ll ever have.
One of my best memories is when my team went to Colorado to play and it started snowing on one of our team outings and everyone was playing in the snow and throwing it at each other. The game was even better, our team had one of our best performances the game. It was a really great time.
The best thing that’s happened during my time here is the women’s team. I would constantly ask Ziggy when there would be a semi-pro women’s team. When they made an actual women’s team I was so excited! I was so grateful that coach Elo saw something in me and allowed me to be on the team. Playing with all those amazing players was one of the best times in my life. I really loved that I was able to say that I’ve been at ALBION this long and I made it to the ultimate top team for this club. Overall my ALBION experience was more than what I could have ever asked for!
Currently, I am going to be playing at Cal State San Marcos for these next four years and I am very excited. I am also currently working as a babysitter and I have a job as an administrative assistant for my uncles’ company. I also want to once again thank ALBION for everything that it has done and provided for me.” – Jeryn Young

Jeremiah Bunton Played for ALBION SC during 1999-2009

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Senior Software Engineers
Laurel Road Labs
San Diego

“Playing for ALBION SC I created the following traits that I have in my life now:

• Ability to focus.
• Ability to work with others and communicate.
• Confidence.
• Mentally push through challenging situations without breaking down. This I feel is a huge one. Being able to process emotions and control reactions is very valuable in almost everything I do now.
• Manage multiple things at once.
• Ability to assess situations and evaluate the best strategy (for example driving in traffic and planning how to get from the fast lane to an exit).
• Learned to take direction and be coachable.
• Understanding that even when you are losing there is always a way to come back and persistence pays off. Even if it doesn’t pay off, you never give up.
• Compound effect. The more you train the better you get the better results you will see.
• How to support your team and “watch their backs”.
– Jeremiah Bunton

Blair Lane Played for ALBION SC from age 8 to 18

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Played for ALBION from age 8 to 18.

“My name is Blair Lane and I am 21 years old! I played with ALBION SC from age 8 to age 18. What ALBION contributed to me as a player is EVERYTHING! I was developed into a complete player throughout my experience there and that is what eventually led me to get a scholarship to play college! I had a very successful college career as well. From most career minutes, leading scorer from a defensive role, and eventually a team captain. I also was eventually able to play one year of professional soccer in Mexico where I debuted at age 21!
Now, I am actively recovering from an ACL & meniscus surgery. I decided to come back to the states for one year to focus on my recovery, begin my coaching experience, and finish my last year of college.
I am, along with many others, a product of ALBION youth program. I am beyond thankful for the strong foundation instilled in me as a player and also for the coaching staff who not only developed me as a player but also gave me a strong foundation on being a disciplined, responsible, and mentally strong athlete.
Thank you, ALBION, for making dreams possible!” – Blair Lane

Noah Bunton Played for ALBION SC during 2001-2013

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Played for ALBION during. 2001-2013

Now in Real Estate Management

“One of the things that I find that ALBION helped me with, that I use in my day to day approach to life, is to work on fundamentals. Everyone wants the end result of success, but rarely do they know how to get there. ALBION drills the basics of skill moves, passing, shooting and everything else that you need to succeed in the game. It is this attention to the details and foundational aspects of soccer that taught me doing the small things well, over and over, compound into a well rounded path to success. Whether you’re playing soccer, developing a business, or just want to pick up a new hobby, this principle of focusing on the parts that make up the whole helps me in all of my endeavors.” – Noah Bunton

Caelle McKeveney Played for ALBION SC during 2005-2013

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Caelle McKeveney
Currently attending
USD School of Law

“There are so many skills that are cultivated during soccer practice and games that are not only keys to success on the field but become directly applicable to your life outside the game.  ALBION made me aware that in order to see results with my soccer skills, I had to be diligent in putting in the time and effort to train even when it felt easier to not do so.  The discipline that comes with that mentality has been invaluable to me as it continues to push me in my academic and professional life. I learned to juggle a soccer ball and to juggle all the responsibilities I had. That discipline, work ethic, and time management carried over to my studies and I was able to graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in biology and I am now attending USD’s School of Law on scholarship with an interest in bioethics, patent law, and environmental law. The coaches and staff at ALBION not only preached a winning mentality but always took the time and energy to make sure my fellow teammates and I were equipped with the resources, training, and support to develop the skills necessary to win, as an individual and as a team, on and off the field. Not only did ALBION teach me how to work hard but it let me learn while having a lot of fun! The friendship, travel, and love of the game made the challenging effort so much more enjoyable.  The list of lessons I learned from playing soccer at ALBION could go on and on. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to grow in that excellent environment and even more appreciative everyone at ALBION made sure those skills were developed for a lifetime.” – Caelle McKaveney

Geneva Decker Played for ALBION SC during 2009-2013

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“Playing for ALBION introduced me to opportunities that I would not have otherwise had — from playing against some of the most competitive clubs in the nation, being selected to participate in ODP, and getting recruited to play collegiate soccer at the D1 level.

Playing soccer in such a competitive environment also taught me valuable skills such as perseverance, team building, and time management (among many other things) that have helped me both personally and professionally.

These days, I work for the U.S. Soccer Foundation, a national soccer nonprofit whose mission is to provide access to soccer to those who might not otherwise have access to the game due to barriers such as transportation or cost. Through our after school program, Soccer for Success, we use soccer to teach critical life skills and provide youth with a coach-mentor. We also create mini-pitches across the country through our Safe Places to Play program (pictured).

Outside of the fact that “soccer” is in my job title, the work we do at the U.S. Soccer Foundation is incredibly rewarding because I get to give back to a sport that has given (and continues to give) me so much.” – Geneva Decker


Eli Bunton Played for ALBION SC during 2001-2012

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Part Owner of Real Estate Group
Acquisition Manager
DAS-Alliance Group
San Diego

“During my 12 years at Albion, SC I learned many things on and off the field. What stuck with me the most off the field, was patience and unity/family.

Now, in my young adult life and in business, I look back and use the teachings of my coach, Noah Gins, as guidance. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Ever. We trained every day and surrounded ourselves with what was, and still is a family unit. We understood that winning at the highest level might not come the 1st year, 2nd yea or 3rd. But, with consistent hard work and unity of all perusing the same goals we set, it would. And it did come.

That is what I see most apparent in my life now as a businessman and young adult. Take the time to surround yourself with likeminded people you enjoy seeing every day and understand that the overnight success comes after 8/9/10 years. Not tomorrow. I’ve spent many months and even years forcing a business idea to work with certain people that did not have the same mindset, and ultimately, we failed. Every time I am brought back to patience and unity. Having the ability to slow down, take a step back and re-asses is an extremely difficult thing to do, yet it’s one of the most important.

To my coach, Noah Gins, our team “manager” and unifier, John Shackleford and all my team members, we accomplished greatness and made history along the way because of each person’s ability to understand the above statements.” – Eli Bunton