The Albion 12 Foundation

501(c)(3) non-profit foundation.
Bringing new emphasis to Facility Development,
Scholarship, Life Programing, Leadership,
and Athletic Development.


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On behalf of all our ALBION Nation, our thank you to the ones who are putting themselves at risk and keeping us safe! Our ALBION SC San Diego G08 Michal-Lynn…


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Dear Friends of the Foundation Following the guidelines set by the state and county of San Diego and with concerned caution for members of the public and our players and…


Recognized as one of the top youth soccer programs in America, the mission of ALBION SC is not simply limited to excelling on the soccer field. Created in 2015, ALBION 12 Foundation brings the concept of the 12th player to ALBION SC. The Foundation provides a means by which existing members, parents, alumni, and outside organizations, can directly confer a benefit upon athletes and causes worthy of attention.

The ALBION 12 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, dedicated to helping children unable to afford youth soccer, create life and leadership programming, and support college placement.

ALBION SC has a major initiative to help impact the world of soccer. For the last 15 years, ALBION SC has been providing communities around the world with soccer equipment including uniforms, balls, shoes, and more. This is a recent push to support a community in Africa that was without uniforms and soccer equipment. Through the ALBION 12 Foundation, we help serve not only the ALBION SC community but communities all around the world.
In partnership with Ray United FC, we outfitted 24 school teams throughout Oyam, Northern Uganda!

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Athletes in Need

The Albion 12 Foundation’s primary purpose is to support youth athletes who are underserved and who, without the benefit of philanthropic intervention, are unable to enroll or participate in the competitive youth soccer arena.

Scholar Athletes

Often overlooked on the field of play, are those athletes who have achieved extreme scholastic success and leadership qualities.

Life Programming

It is, and has been, the goal of Albion SC to teach our athletes to understand that competition breeds all around success in life.

Facility Development

By partnering with the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation, and other community schools and organizations, Albion SC and the Albion 12 Foundation seeks to improve our local facilities.

Non-profit Foundation

The Albion 12 Foundation is a pending 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated solely to the funding of Youth Soccer Scholarships, Life Programming, and Facility Development/Operations for Albion SC. Our primary mission is to recognize and support those youth athletes who demonstrate outstanding scholastic and leadership potential, or who demonstrate a compelling financial need to continue participation in Albion SC’s youth soccer program.

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