Jeremiah Bunton Played for ALBION SC during 1999-2009

By September 10, 2020Albion Alumni

Senior Software Engineers
Laurel Road Labs
San Diego

“Playing for ALBION SC I created the following traits that I have in my life now:

• Ability to focus.
• Ability to work with others and communicate.
• Confidence.
• Mentally push through challenging situations without breaking down. This I feel is a huge one. Being able to process emotions and control reactions is very valuable in almost everything I do now.
• Manage multiple things at once.
• Ability to assess situations and evaluate the best strategy (for example driving in traffic and planning how to get from the fast lane to an exit).
• Learned to take direction and be coachable.
• Understanding that even when you are losing there is always a way to come back and persistence pays off. Even if it doesn’t pay off, you never give up.
• Compound effect. The more you train the better you get the better results you will see.
• How to support your team and “watch their backs”.
– Jeremiah Bunton