The Albion 12 Foundation’s primary purpose is to support youth athletes who are underserved and who, without the benefit of philanthropic intervention, are unable to enroll or participate in the competitive youth soccer arena. Specifically, many young players in our local community have demonstrated a love for the game of soccer, but due to circumstances beyond their control, are unable to meet the basic financial requirements associated with competitive sports. Without assistance, these young athletes may never reach their hidden potential, and often without such intervention, may be left with no other pathway to achieve their athletic and academic dreams and goals.

In the past, Albion SC has provided financial assistance to many such players, and, due to economics and other factors, the need for such help continues to grow. Competitive athletics builds confidence, leadership, and diverts young athletes from off-the-field pitfalls that would potentially otherwise lead to less desirable pathways. By creating endowments earmarked for athletes in need, the Albion 12 Foundation seeks to provide a direct avenue for donors to make a difference in a young athlete’s life, and to keep them on a healthy pathway to success.