Caelle McKeveney Played for ALBION SC during 2005-2013

Caelle McKeveney
Currently attending
USD School of Law

“There are so many skills that are cultivated during soccer practice and games that are not only keys to success on the field but become directly applicable to your life outside the game.  ALBION made me aware that in order to see results with my soccer skills, I had to be diligent in putting in the time and effort to train even when it felt easier to not do so.  The discipline that comes with that mentality has been invaluable to me as it continues to push me in my academic and professional life. I learned to juggle a soccer ball and to juggle all the responsibilities I had. That discipline, work ethic, and time management carried over to my studies and I was able to graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in biology and I am now attending USD’s School of Law on scholarship with an interest in bioethics, patent law, and environmental law. The coaches and staff at ALBION not only preached a winning mentality but always took the time and energy to make sure my fellow teammates and I were equipped with the resources, training, and support to develop the skills necessary to win, as an individual and as a team, on and off the field. Not only did ALBION teach me how to work hard but it let me learn while having a lot of fun! The friendship, travel, and love of the game made the challenging effort so much more enjoyable.  The list of lessons I learned from playing soccer at ALBION could go on and on. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to grow in that excellent environment and even more appreciative everyone at ALBION made sure those skills were developed for a lifetime.” – Caelle McKaveney