Blair Lane Played for ALBION SC from age 8 to 18

By September 1, 2020Albion Alumni

Played for ALBION from age 8 to 18.

“My name is Blair Lane and I am 21 years old! I played with ALBION SC from age 8 to age 18. What ALBION contributed to me as a player is EVERYTHING! I was developed into a complete player throughout my experience there and that is what eventually led me to get a scholarship to play college! I had a very successful college career as well. From most career minutes, leading scorer from a defensive role, and eventually a team captain. I also was eventually able to play one year of professional soccer in Mexico where I debuted at age 21!
Now, I am actively recovering from an ACL & meniscus surgery. I decided to come back to the states for one year to focus on my recovery, begin my coaching experience, and finish my last year of college.
I am, along with many others, a product of ALBION youth program. I am beyond thankful for the strong foundation instilled in me as a player and also for the coaching staff who not only developed me as a player but also gave me a strong foundation on being a disciplined, responsible, and mentally strong athlete.
Thank you, ALBION, for making dreams possible!” – Blair Lane